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“The Hoy Approach”
Our company has a proven project delivery method that can save time and money throughout the entire process of design and construction. This method puts the Owner, Designer, and builder on the same team creating a partnership and a team environment that promotes open communication. This process is a cost-effective alternative to the traditional bid approach because it achieves more value for the capital invested. Our Services include:
  • Pre-Construction Services – Vital to a project’s success. We provide an extensive array of pre-construction services during the planning phase to assist in achieving project goals. These services include budget coordination, research, budget review, scheduling, permits, competitive bidding, etc.
  • Bid Packages – These packages are structured to obtain the best value. Work is competitively bid to pre-qualified subcontractors to secure the best cost for each part of the project.
  • Communication – We keep the owner fully informed and are fully accountable throughout every stage of the project.
  • Phased Construction – Our company is flexible and can provide a phased project by “stacking” the schedule to reduce cost, shorten the overall construction duration, and assure timely occupancy. As an example, site excavation can begin before building design drawings are complete.
  • Construction Services – This includes everything from supervision and schedule updates to quality and cost control.
  • Post Construction Services – our company then follows up with document review, Lien releases, As-Builts, O&M Manuals, and Guarantees / Warranties
Since Hoy is hired based on our reputation, experience, and qualifications, the owner’s interests are foremost, and our open book policy allows the Owner to audit our books at any time. This method allows us to accrue savings at the end of the job which are then shared with the owner.
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